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Revenant Cover
First Book in the King of the Dead series
by: Peter J Larrivee

Cover art by: Steve Mardo

Jake King tries to be cool, with his trilby hat, fancy coffee, and hand-rolled cigarettes. But Jake's life comes with a harsh past. His father died when he was very young, his mother is incarcerated in a mental hospital. After crossing paths with the local mob while chasing a story about missing persons, Jake finds himself jobless, hopeless, and beginning to doubt his own sanity. The screaming, empty-eyed wraiths that litter the streets of Providence haunt his tortured mind. This would be bad enough even without a mysterious, dark mentor figure and a shadowy entity bent on destroying Jake, and everyone around him.
 Revenant is a Horror/Urban Fantasy novel set in H.P. Lovecraft's city of Providence.

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