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Revenant Cover
First Book in the King of the Dead series
by: Peter J Larrivee

Cover art by: Steve Mardo

Jake King tries to be cool, with his trilby hat, fancy coffee, and hand-rolled cigarettes. But Jake's life comes with a harsh past. His father died when he was very young, his mother is incarcerated in a mental hospital. After crossing paths with the local mob while chasing a story about missing persons, Jake finds himself jobless, hopeless, and beginning to doubt his own sanity. The screaming, empty-eyed wraiths that litter the streets of Providence haunt his tortured mind. This would be bad enough even without a mysterious, dark mentor figure and a shadowy entity bent on destroying Jake, and everyone around him.
 Revenant is a Horror/Urban Fantasy novel set in H.P. Lovecraft's city of Providence.

 Welcome! I'm Peter J Larrivee, author of Revenant and regular 'Got Beer' columnist for Motif Magazine. I also write the Yankee Brew News Hop Tips email newsletter. Revenant is my first published novel, but by no means the first one I've written, and certainly not the last. The sequel is already well underway.

   Revenant is a Horror/Urban Fantasy novel set in H.P. Lovecraft's city of Providence. Click on the button to read a sample chapter, or check it out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBookstore.
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       In addition, check out the first chapter in my upcoming episodic tale of terror Legend Haunted, out now for kindle and eBook. Join Detective Diana Kenny, trying to just have a nice weekend with her college-bound daughter Beth, and Beth's high school friends. Diana thinks the worst thing she's going to have to put up with is some Lady Gaga and excitable chattering. Diana is wrong. When they stumble across an abandoned town in the middle of upstate Massachusetts, things quickly get out of hand as they lose their transportation, communication, and with the shadowy threats lurking all around them, possibly their minds.

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